Course Features:

  • Language : English
  • Students / Batch : 25
  • Have Practical Classes : YES
  • Min Qualification : Diploma,Degree,B.Tech (+2,ITI - entry level)
  • Have Assessments : YES

Welding professionals with good exposure to theory and practical knowledge are in great demand globally. A blend of theoretical learning on welding with hands on learning in welding shop floors is expected to make the students industry ready. Major fabrication industries are expected to absorb the successful candidates. The programme includes theory and practical in the fields of welding engineering, non-destructive testing and quality control. This course provides an in depth knowledge in various welding methods and help the candidate acquire a good job in welding field. These are specialized programs that can be done by any individual as a part of skill development which enables them to get an assured job in different sectors like shipyards, refineries, petrochemical industry etc.

  • Welding metallurgy
  • ASME and ASTM material specifications
  • Classification of material joining techniques.
  • Types of industrial welding process.
  • Welding consumables.
  • Welding defects and disortion.
  • Welding procedures.
  • Welder qualifications.
  • IBR requirement for welding.
  • Welding safety.

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