Course Features:

  • Language : English
  • Students / Batch : 25
  • Have Practical Classes : YES
  • Min Qualification : Diploma,Degree,B.Tech (+2,ITI - entry level)
  • Have Assessments : YES

Post Graduate Diploma in Pipeline Engineering  is a course which is usually chosen by candidates who do not want to go for the regular post-graduation course after Engineering. Piping Design & Engineering is a course completely focused in creating Enginnering experts in the field of piping designing and to make them competitive  Engineers for global industries.
The course also includes parts of packaging, system designing and teach them about production of complex piping and tubing systems. Topics like Stress Analysis , Fluid Handling, Layout engineering, etc. are also included in the course to improve their professional value. This course provides various piping system designs, development skills and knowledge of current trends of plant layout. The students are given case studies to develop their professional approach.

  • Piping materials 
  • Piping elements and specialities
  • Wall thickness calculation 
  • Fluid handling (I & II)
  • Pipe stress analysis and pipe support 
  • Isometric drawings.
  • Layout engineering and 3D
  • Fabrication, installation and testing.
  • System engineering.

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