Course Features:

  • Language : English
  • Students / Batch : 25
  • Have Practical Classes : YES
  • Min Qualification : Diploma,Degree,B.Tech (+2,ITI - entry level)
  • Have Assessments : YES

Quality is the one of the critical factors in the success of construction projects. Quality of construction projects as well as project success can be regarded as the fulfilment of expectations and satisfaction of the project participants. The construction industry has been struggling with quality issues for many years . Construction costs can be significantly reduced if the construction industry embraces the concept of quality assurance and control that has been used with great success by service and manufacturing industries .

Course Covers.

Civil QA / QC

  • Quality basis¬†
  • Test on concrete , cement, bitumen etc.
  • Material selection and sampling.
  • Construction site safety awareness.
  • Quality management system.
  • Practical Civil Engineering.
  • Soil and aggregate tests.
  • Quality documentation and report preparation.

Quantity Surveying

  • Basis of quantity surveying.
  • Estimation of building.
  • Rate analysis.
  • Miscellaneous items.
  • Bar Bending schedule.
  • Estimation of RCC item.
  • Estimation of bridges.
  • Estimation of roads.


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